Monday, 21 January 2013

'Buskers - From the streets to the Royal Albert Hall 19-68-9' out now...

The sequel, in a way... 'Buskers - From the streets to the Royal Albert Hall 19-68-9,' a glossy photobook by Pat Keene, higher quality images used in 'Don Partridge and Company.'  Plus colour shots from the Albert Hall that Pat only recently discovered lying in a drawer!  We decided that all of these unique photographs required a better medium than the original paperback format.  So here they are...
More info here... Or check out the RawMusics storefront link on the side panel...


  1. I am trying to buy these but can't seem to get it to transcribe to GBPs?

  2. My reply seems to have vanished! Bugger... I've replied to your other queries on the Pat Keene book blog site and they are visible. You create an account first with Lulu then you can change the currency to quids or whatever during the checkout process. Any problems and I can work something out, will get books to you personally if needed. Things somewhat incoherent here at the moment!

  3. ... I'm in the process of changing things re my publishing as my daughter will be taking it on in the near future. Having access problems for some reason and she who now has the details is in Rome for a few days holiday and somewhat incommunicado. Problem should be sorted by tomorrow but my email is on the other replies I sent so when you get in touch I can be of more help... Plus looking forward to contact again after all these years!

  4. And again... Just managed to get site problem sorted. Re currency, you can set the required details by looking at the right hand top where you sign in to account. There is a tab which is set to the US and dollars as a default. Click on the down arrow and you get a list of alternate countries. Click UK and the shop automatically sets currency in GBPs... Something I should have remembered but have been on grandparent duty plus red wine afterwards last night so somewhat addled today...