Thursday, 15 September 2011

Backstage Norman... in drag...

This image is Norman Norris AKA as Jumping Jack/Earl of Mustard, taken backstage at the Albert Hall Busker's Concert.  Bizarrely - but there again, Norman was never remotely normal in his interactions with life in general - he decided that he would go on in drag.  The old school busker who was supposed to accompany him flatly refused when Norman got into his women's clothes.  He asked Don and Alan for help but it it was obvious they could not do it, Don headlining and Alan with his specially prepared act.  So that's how I ended up playing twice on the bill - once with Aidan Agnew (as 'African Jack and the Matabele Uprising' - well, we were young!) and once with Norman.  Not so much of a chore as I had by that time worked extensively with the old rogue - but he came slightly unstuck as he hadn't figured out that a long dress might inhibit his tap dancing.  It didn't really matter - the overall image of this gnarled loon in a dress, dancing with golden boots that had cut-down skis on the bottom was always going to impress!

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